Start Using These 4 Instagram Marketing Tools ASAP

instagram success Issa AsadWith the inception and growth of digital technology, new, easier, and cheap ways of business marketing have been introduced via social media, namely Instagram. The prime reason why these methods are quickly picking up the pace of business growth is due to the availability of many potential clients who are ever logged online to these social medias. Instagram in particular plays a key role in getting your business exposed to the farthest reaches of the world than you would actually expect. Instagram’s effectiveness and efficiency in promoting businesses is factual and statistics say that the overall revenue expected from it due to advertisements will be well over a good 2.8 billion dollars by the year 2017.

“Implementing Instagram to promote your business is definitely the best way to go,” said Issa Asad, Florida entrepreneur and businessman. “However, just like everything else that is the brain child of the digital age, there are certain tricks and turns you have to use for it to be completely in your favor.” Mr. Asad is the CEO of three companies located in South Florida: Q Link Wireless, Quadrant Holdings, and Bond Media.

You need to start using these 4 Instagram marketing tools ASAP.


This is the first tool you need to get for your Instagram account. In simple terms, the function of Instagress is to give your account the necessary automation instruments. This allows your potential customers the capability to follow your geo-location account while giving them the forum to comment on and follow your brand, its images, and educative videos. Besides this, Instagress also gives you the power to conjoin your account with other automatic social connections with popular tourist chill spots and shops neighboring you. Having this tool changes long tiresome tasks into short manageable ones.


This tool is especially made for you to easily keep up to date with the rates at which consumers engage with your account from an hourly or weekly basis. These relevant engagements include likes, comments, and followers. Once you have this analysis of these 3 components, Statsiv goes ahead and gives you the relevant guidelines which you can use to improve your account’s engagement performance by redirecting influencers in Instagram and increasing the number of clients who interact with it.


The sole objective of this Instagram tool is to multiply the speed with which you get connected to various users and necessary influencers who might have a great impact on your business. In short, your public outreach grows exponentially once you use Huntgram. This tool gives you the edge to find relevant users by basis of locality and the kind of images they upload. Finally, it gives you detailed information about images, making it an easier task to know which kind will best suit your needs.

Cards for Instagram

This tool gives you the power of viewing images in Instagram as you do on Tinder. It is an easy and appealing way to view relevant photo posts on Instagram which directly relate with your market brand by just typing in brand-related keywords.