Issa Asad: Author’s Biography

issa asad

Issa Asad is a marketing and social media strategist, entrepreneur and best-selling author from Miami, Florida. He has been working in the technology, marketing and telecommunications industries for over 18+ years, and have led various multimillion dollar companies in the South Florida tri-county areas.

Mr. Asad has held several top-level positions at several telecom, technology and online companies, including: Founder, Co-Founder, Vice President, President, Managing Member and Chief Executive Officer. Now, Mr. Asad is the CEO of several companies across South Florida, including Quadrant Holdings, LLC, and Centurion Logistics, LLC, located in Dania.

Known for his strategic vision and his dedication to innovative and creative marketing solutions, Mr. Asad has directed multiple companies towards consistent yearly growth and profits. He is an expert in sales, industry analysis, SEO techniques and the development of effective and profitable marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, Mr. Asad is a successful and respected telecommunications entrepreneur. He was mentioned in several telecom and technology magazines and publications. Some of the places he was mentioned include: Intele-Card News, Convenience Store News and Phone Plus, to name a few.

Issa Asad’s Books

Taking inspiration from his years of marketing and technology experience, Issa Asad has written and self-published several books about social media and technology marketing and ecommerce opportunities. He has written:

  • Instant Profits with Instagram
  • Instant Profits with Alibaba
  • Instant Profits with Snapchat
  • Instant Profits with Vine
Issa Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless

Issa Asad is a marketing and social media strategist.

With his books, Issa Asad helps other business professionals market their brand on social media and learn the tips, tricks and secrets to profit on various online platforms.