Integrating great photography and video apps is one of the best ways you can enhance your Instagram photos and videos. There are many apps available which you can download. Before you decide on any app you should take your time and read reviews online, which will help you decide whether to buy the app or not.

Depending on the device that you are using to take your Instagram photos, there are some things you may want to enhance. For you to enhance the photos you want to share on Instagram, you should look for a specific app that will help you achieve such effects. This is necessary because different apps available will enable you achieve different effects.

Here are 3 cool Instagram apps to enhance your photos:

1. VSCO Cam

This app allows you achieve different photo manipulations such as brightening and focusing. You can also use VSCO Cam to increase contrast or sharpen the photos that you will have taken. If you want your photos to have some form of filters before you share on Instagram, you can always choose the filter you want to use through the app as well. You can also adjust the intensity of the filter through this app.

2. Squaready

There are some instances where you may want your photos to have frames around its border. Squaready app makes the work of adding frames to your photos very easy; you do not even have to do much manipulation to the picture as the app is pretty simple to use. This app even allows you to change the picture from portrait to landscape orientation.

3. Pic Stich

You may have seen many people sharing several photos in a single Instagram account within minutes of posting. You may have wondered how that works. It is through the help of Pic Stich, where you can easily include several photos in a single Instagram. You can decide to add the photos in portrait or landscape, and then post all at once! The app will allow you to add as many photos as you can.


  1. elijah john

    I’ve had a lot of success with VSCO Cam. It brightens and sharpens those dull, out-of-focus pictures I sometimes get. Pictures that I still want to salvage!

  2. shushank

    I wanted to enhance my photo with best apps, finally I got the best cool Instagram apps that helps to enhance the pic and now made pic great! Thanks for letting us know about such a cools instagram apps to edit and enhance pics

  3. Jin Pyo

    I highly recommend Pic Stitch. I have been using it for a while now and people like my instagram posts more than ever

  4. Spazzizm

    I use Pic Stich and it’s very straightforward and intuitive. I’m able to choose from many many different designs, although truthfully only a handful are useful do to size constraints for Instagram, but it gets the job done nontheless!

  5. Leslie Soliman

    I’ve just downloaded Pic Stich and I can say that it’s a wonderful app! It’s really easy to use and it’s very helpful! Thank you for your article!

  6. rizwana

    I used all these three app , all are best apps and it giving a new look , my very best app is VSCO cam , thank you

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