Instagram is a great platform for showcasing your life to the rest of the world, but a lot of entrepreneurs have also found out that the site can serve as an effective online portal for products and services.

Uploading pictures is easy and the filters can make even the ugliest snapshots look halfway decent. The good thing about Instagram is that it is relatively cheap. It is also very easy to boost your following if you use a little bit of creativity to draw more people into following you.

Here are 3 creative Instagram contests to boost followers:

Creative “Selfie” Contest

A lot of Instagram users have boosted their number of followers with simple selfie contests. This is where you tell followers and friends in other networks to post a selfie with your product and use a specific hashtag in order to join. Pick the most creative selfie as the winner!

A lot of people have a lot of fun thinking up how to make a really cool and creative selfie. You will have a good chance of having a lot of people joining since taking a selfie is something that people like to do anyway and it’s a great way to showcase your followers’ creativity. You can also take advantage of Instagram’s video feature and instead of photos, have followers post their most creative Instagram videos using your products or services.

Most Creative Caption Contest

Although this is a common Facebook contest, caption contests have crossed over to Instagram and are a great way to boost participation in your posts without asking too much from followers. Caption contests are easy to set-up and easy to join and you can use different platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for the contest to gain more views. Simply post a photo and tell followers to create their most creative caption and repost with the contest hashtag.

In-store Photo Contests

Business owners with brick-and-mortar establishments can take their online contests offline by holding photo contests of people inside their stores. This is a great way to tell people about your brick-and-mortar stores and increase customer traffic to these locations. Prices can be gift cards and products from that store. Tell followers to like, follow and post photos with a specific hashtag to join.

Instagram contests allow you to interact with your followers and potential customers on a personal level. You want to associate your brand of product or service with personal interaction, creativity and fun because this is what gets people’s attention on Instagram and virtually any other social networking site. With this kind of impression, it is easy for people and customers to become more inclined to follow your posts. Interaction like this will also help you become more visible to your followers’ friends on Instagram and raises your chances of being noticed by other people, which can help you increase your visibility expand your customer base.


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