Hashtags are the best way to create a buzz and to potentially get your images to go viral on Instagram. For this reason, as a business owner you have to embrace what is trending in your industry, what the popular trends currently are and what the people are talking about in your field of work. Using the current trends and industry-related hashtags is the easiest way to have more people view your images, and have more people potentially visit your Instagram page.

By showing your followers as well as non-followers that you are in the know and understand current trends, they will want to learn more about your business. In this piece, you will learn how to use the right hashtags and trends.

Below you will learn a few tips for marketing your brand using hashtags from the best-selling book, Instant Profits with Instagram, by Issa Asad.

1. Know What’s Hot

If you know what is trending in your industry, if you know what other businesses are doing and if you know what your audience is interested in, you will be able to trend on the social media front as well. By being informed and always understanding what is hot in the industry, you are not only going to know what images to post, but can also incorporate different forms of media to ensure you are reaching the broadest audience base possible.

2. Involve Your Followers

The more your images share the popular hashtags, the more people are going to see them. So, if you ask your followers to post images or to comment, ask them to use the hashtag in their post. When you are posting images which are hot and trending, it is highly likely your non-followers are going to view them eventually. So, the more hashtags that are attached to your images, the better it will be to get them out to the general public and to a potential audience that does not know your business exists.

3. Know Your Competitors

If you have a competitor or several who are always one step ahead of you, make sure you know what they are doing. You are going to live and die in your industry based on how well you can keep up with competition; for this reason, you have to look at the most popular businesses in your field, learn what they are doing and find a way to mimic it or possibly outdo them in your field. If you are able to keep up with the biggest businesses, not only will you grow, you will also be able to retain and grow your audience and follower base as well.

Regardless of the industry, you have to know what is hot, what is trending and what people are talking about—especially the people who are purchasing your products. For this reason, hashtags are very important when it comes to sharing images on social media. The right hashtag will not only propel your business, but will also make it a popular trending company in your field as well.


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