You Should Follow These 4 Brands on Instagram ASAP

Issa Asad INSTAGRAM Followers

Today, we live in an age that widely embraces technology and almost every aspect is one way or the other affected by technology. With the introduction of Instagram, businesses have taken advantage of this internet platform since it poses an effective means of marketing.

“The young generation is now shifting gears from Facebook and other social media sites that seem to be quite more of analogue, to more digital forms of social media such as Instagram,” exclaimed Issa Asad, Florida CEO and social media marketing expert. Mr. Asad is the CEO of three companies located across South Florida: Q Link Wireless, Quadrant Holdings, and Bond Media. Below are the top-rated four business brands that everyone else is following. You should follow these 4 brands on Instagram ASAP:

1. Nike – @Nike

Whenever you login into Instagram, all you anticipate for is to see exquisite photos. Unfortunately, you at times get a thwarted experience due to the low quality of the photos posted. This is not the case with Nike, which, in fact, is the top ranked trending company on Instagram by Nitrogram.

Through its account, Nike has been able to leverage its sponsorship effortlessly through high-quality photos. Thus, Nike has become the most inspirational account on Instagram to follow. For those of you who like more intricate details about a product, for example, one from Nike, then you can watch videos that supplement the photos that Nike post.

If you follow Nike on Instagram, you will not only be joining over 3 million followers, but you will also stand a chance of watching more than enough photos and videos. Nike makes a post once per week capturing unique, encompassing and inspirational sporting events with the participants wearing Nike gears.

2. Audi – @Audi

Almost everyone has at one time in their lifetime dreamed of owning an Audi car. Even if you haven’t been able to purchase one, you can still enjoy the feeling of owning one of the German luxurious Audi cars if you follow the company on Instagram.

Audi only posts eye-catching captions that you would probably not imagine. Join over 175,000 Audi followers on Instagram so that you also become privileged in viewing the appealing photos that Audi posts for you.

3. Homepage – @Homepage

The Homepage Instagram account is devised to reach sports fans. Instagram provides the best platform through which Homepage markets its products to render sure that fans get the company’s message. It posts photos of its clients, some of them being renown celebrities wearing homepage’s modish shirts or Ts.

Over time, Homepage has been able to garner more than 22,000 followers. Follow Homepage today on Instagram so that you are not left behind the times.

4. Pabst Blue Ribbon – @Pabstblueribbon

Pabst has proven its significant advancement in keeping up with technology through marketing its products on Instagram. This is a major improvement if we look at the time this company was established which was back in 1844 in Milwaukee. You will see magnificent looking photos of the Pabst Blue Ribbon if you follow them on Instagram.

Photos by Pabst usually incorporates their logo or a Pabst tall boy. With over 53,000 Instagram followers, it posts photos three to four times a week. This frequency of posting pictures is more accommodating compared to fewer postings that most companies make.