Issa Asad Instagram Accounts for Entrepreneurial Inspiration

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Issa Asad Instagram Accounts for Entrepreneurial Inspiration

We have been hearing stories about successful entrepreneurs since ages. “With the growing popularity of Instagram, most successful entrepreneurs have opened their own accounts to share their entrepreneurial journey with people all around the globe,” exclaimed Issa Asad Florida social media expert and businessman. Mr. Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless, Quadrant Holdings, and Bond Media, all located in South Florida.

Entrepreneurs on Instagram come from different backgrounds like fashion industry, weight loss industry, and wine businesses, but they do their best to motivate their followers and to help them in their journey. These are Issa Asad Instagram accounts for entrepreneurial inspiration.

1. @HDF Magazine

Every person who dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur should definitely follow this account. Full of motivational quotes and interviews from eminent personalities, it will surely help everyone in their entrepreneurial journey. Matt Gottesman is the creator of the account and he himself is a successful entrepreneur. Along his journey, he faced lots of downs and according to him, those failures motivated him to work harder and eventually succeed.

The best part about this account is that most of their content are not only about successful entrepreneurs, but they document the entire journey in details of all the successful people. And in spite of so many comments, Gottesman tries his best to make sure that he replies to every question. The content is not limited to any specific region, it covers stories from entrepreneurs all around the world. You will find stories about rising entrepreneurs from all the big cities in the world like Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, L.A, Pairs and others. Gottesman knows what kind of content the followers want, and he delivers exactly that. They have the Hustle Lifestyle which covers all kinds of topics like culture, music, art and other things.

2. @GaryWee

The owner of this account is the famous Gary Vaynerchuk. After graduating from college, he took over the wine business of this father and turned it into a multi million dollar business. He is also an active investor in many big companies like Facebook, Uber and Twitter. He had a remarkable journey so far and has a lot to share with his followers. Most of the posts are about valuable information about the marketing business and also about social media. You will also find short videos of his podcast and some of his speeches. Apart from that, you will find videos of his interactions with other entrepreneurs and insights about their journey. With a large number of inspirational quotes as well, following this account will surely help you to stay motivated.

3. @Arvins World

This is another account every entrepreneur should follow. Created by Arvin Lal, the founder of Shredz, this account has a huge number of followers. Arvin definitely knows how to motivate people. With the help of his chiropractor friend, he created a weight loss supplement named Shredz and then decided to sell it throughout the world. Within just a few years, his business went global and he became famous all over the world. In this account, his entire journey to the top has been documented, including his struggles and how he overcame them. You will also find his own inspirational quotes and videos of some of his speaking engagements.