Instagram Issa Asad FloridaEveryone who is everyone uses Instagram; it’s the growing social media website that is gaining more fans on a daily basis. Instagram is particularly popular among celebrities and youngsters, with the majority of users being under the age of 25.

“Instagram gives people a chance to show off their photos and snaps from their life,” said Issa Asad, a social media expert and author of four e-books, including Instant Profits with Instagram. Asad is also a Florida-based entrepreneur and CEO of Bond Media, Q Link Wireless, and Quadrant Holdings.

There’s definitely certain things that you should and should not do on Instagram, both to obey the rules of the website and gain popularity. In addition to “showing off”, Instagram is the perfect way to promote something but you shouldn’t be this too often. It’s important that you have a healthy balance of personal posts and those where you are trying to sell something, so that users don’t think you are simply using the website for financial gain.

You might feel like you are failing on Instagram and don’t have as many likes/followers as what you would have liked. Below are the 4 reasons why you failed at using Instagram.

1. You Are Hiding Your Identity

Users on Instagram who do not show their face, do not tend to do well. Uploading pictures of scenery is fine now and again, but would-be followers want to see the person behind the lens (unless you are a photographer that is!) People usually browse Instagram because they are nosey and want to have a glimpse into your life, which includes what you look like. Uploading a picture of your cat? Meh! You are your cat on the other hand, could be a winner especially if you are aesthetically pleasing.

2. You Don’t Have Anything That Makes You Stand Out

The sad truth is, some people just are not that interesting. The best way to be popular on Instagram, is to be well known in other areas of your life. Sure it’s possible to become more popular on Instagram alone, if you are particularly good looking or have an interesting life, but this doesn’t happen that often. You are much more likely to be successful, if you are a model/actor.etc.

3. You Are Not Hash Tagging

In course you haven’t noticed, EVERYONE on Instagram using hashtags. This is because when people search for certain keywords, such as fitness – if you have #fitness on your photos, your page will be displayed. Use a few hashtags in every image that describes what it is about and your page is going to become much more popular, due to the fact that more people are going to see it.

4. You Are Not Interacting

If people are commenting on your photos and trying to communicate with you but get no response, they are going to lose interest. People who don’t interact are seen as rude and you want to come across as friendly. Replying to comments and also becoming interested in your followers (liking their photos.etc.) will gain you more respect which will make you more high profile. By chatting with people on Instagram, you might even make a few new friends who have similar interests as you.