3 Ways Businesses Can Use Selfie Sticks for their Instagram Account

Issa Asad Florida

Issa Asad, Florida CEO, believes businesses can use selfie sticks for their Instagram account.

The selfie stick new gadget is quickly becoming highly popular in the context where people taking pictures of them have never been as trendy as it is today. Consequently, everyone is also trying to make money off of selfies and they have started to be used by businesses as well.

Selfie sticks first became popular in Southeast Asia. In the beginning selfie sticks have originated within the extreme sports community. However, today an Instagram search for “#selfiestick” doesn’t only turn up pictures of people enjoying the outdoors, but you’ll also see images of people posing for group photos. Actually its ability to fit more people into the frame is one of the primary appeals of the selfie stick.

A “selfie stick” is a monopod extension for your camera phone. They are priced in the range between $7.99 and $79.99. The metal sticks have typically an adjustable clamp for holding the phone and a handle on one end. Some top of the range selfie sticks also come with remote controls that allow the user decide the best moment to take the picture. For those that don’t, users have to set timers on their phone’s camera. The selfie stick becomes portable and small once you get the perfect shot, by collapsing into its handle.

The selfie sticks are not only a popular trend of pop culture, but can also be used by businesses for their Instagram account. “As brands jump on this trend and starting to catch on, it’s clear that selfies are serious business,” said Issa Asad, an entrepreneur and Social Media Marketer from South Florida. Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, both located in Dania, Florida.

“More and more companies choose to entrust their corporate image with the selfie sticks phenomenon,” said Asad. Advertisers are able to better resonate with the younger demographic audiences by using selfies as a familiar framework. Here are 3 ways businesses can use selfie sticks for their Instagram account.

1. McDonald’s Example

McDonald’s encourages its select customers to buy their meals with nontraditional compensation, with the tagline “Pay with Lovin’”. Among options is sending a selfie from inside the store.

McDonald’s marketing team has a great success with this promotion, since a selfie provides many fun ways to express your “lovin’”. The ad was playing through the Super Bowl, but the famous franchise also expanded internationally this message. For example, another ad was especially designed for the audience in the Philippines.

This is an example of how a major brand understood to take advantage of the social media by encouraging people to take selfies of themselves in the familiar environment of a McDonald’s store, consuming their meals.

2. Take a “Professional Selfie”

A business which wants to take advantage of selfie sticks in their advertising efforts on its Instagram account can also go “the professional way”. For taking a more professional looking selfie with a selfie stick some rules should be respected. The first rule is to not leave the stick visible in the picture. You also need to ensure you capture the best angle.

3. Promote Something New

Another way a business can use a selfie stick for their Instagram account is by showing off something new such as a newly release item of clothing or product. For this kind of promoting selfie you need good lighting and a higher resolution picture. It’s best to use the phone’s back camera because it usually provides the best resolution picture. You also need to carefully choose the background, since the best selfies show something interesting behind the subject.

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    The selfie stick is a great invention, although most people might think its stupid but more people think, why did i ever think about that, its simple ideas like this that can change your life forever. Taking advantage of the latest trends and enhancing them with brilliant idea, although i dont own a selfie stick, i appreciate it for what it is…….. Genius

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