Issa Asad Florida Bond

Issa Asad, the CEO of two Florida-based companies, including Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings.

Instagram boasts of about 300 million users that are active and it does not stop there nor show any signs of going slow. It has made its reputation as the social media site to turn to for social media Internet marketing that solely uses images. It enables its users to share their photos online on mobile. This year, 2015, promises to be even greater for Instagram as there are many marketers, as many as 42%, who plan to increase their Instagram use. There are those who spend over 40 hours every week marketing on this social media platform and they also plan to increase their Instagram use by almost 49%.

“This popularity enjoyed by Instagram has largely been contributed by the realization that visual content is an important marketing strategy for any brand,” commented Issa Asad, who is a Florida social media expert, entrepreneur, and CEO of Quadrant Holdings and Q Link Wireless, both located in Dania, Florida. Here are 5 new Instagram marketing trends for 2015.

Image Use

In order to tap into the huge popularity of Instagram that is even rivaling that of Facebook, you have to use images to market your brand. Several researches have shown that the number of times that Instagram posts generate engagement among the followers is higher than that of Twitter as well as Facebook. Using images embraces the importance of using visual content in marketing and this social media site will see this trend of advertising on social media go a notch higher.

Spending Money

Social networks used to be free in the past but now if you need your brand to get the necessary exposure then you should be prepared to pay for it. Instagram has already experimented with a number of advertising methods and modes and it is growing bigger each day. Marketers should exploit the new video ads that are an addition to the methods of advertising on Instagram. This feature will enable the marketers to tap into the market of people who live in affluence and the younger generation. In order to advertise on such videos, one is expected to pay Instagram for the facilitation of the same.

Building Links

The expected trend in social media advertising is the link building between advertisements with the databases of their brands and other social sites in order to improve the target group. This will provide marketers with a huge host of marketing opportunities that they could exploit positively to their advantage. This will also enable marketers to easily target their most relevant markets due to the integration of their marketing tools with their company data.

Social Video Trend

This year will see Instagram expand further in the social video space and beat their competition at it. Marketers whose brands require compelling the masses into buying them should exploit this trend as it will enable them make moving and compelling videos that will capture the attention of their target market. Instagram has made its video space unique by altering some features used in the social video space of the competition. Marketers are able to edit their videos, the video length that can be hosted on Instagram is larger than on other platforms as well as having influencers to give your audience the message in the best manner possible.

Going Mobile

The trend that most social media platforms are conforming towards is going mobile. Basically the mobile has become like the primary screen as most social networks including Instagram have turned the mobile into the channel that gets the first choice. It is important for a marketer to think outside the box and come up with a way of making their presence in the social circles catered for mobile users. Every marketer should strive to take advantage of these new trends by Instagram in the year 2015.