Issa Asad Why Selfies Are Perfect to Use for Marketing

Issa Asad Selfie

We are in the era of selfies and social media whereby everybody wants to take a selfie with their favorite celebrity and post it on Twitter or any other social platform. During the last Oscar night, Ellen DeGeneres snapped a quick picture with a group of movie stars and posted it to Twitter. Moments later, that photo brought Twitter to a standstill and became the most tweeted photo with a massive amount of re-tweets across the internet.

“This tells you a lot about the power of the selfie phenomenon,” commented Issa Asad Florida social media expert, businessman, and entrepreneur. Mr. Asad is the CEO of Quadrant Holdings, Q Link Wireless, and Bond Media. He is also the author of 4 social media marketing and e-commerce marketing e-books, which can be found on Amazon.

Did you know that the selfie, a powerful global phenomenon, can be used for many other purposes apart from entertainment? These types of photos are marketing-appropriate because they have shown to help organizations connect their brand identities to consumers. Visuals no doubt continue to drive consumer engagement and that is why small businesses are now tapping into the full potential of selfies. Here’s why selfies are perfect to use for marketing.

1) Exhibit Personality

Authenticity is very important to consumers when it comes to doing business with any organization. Selfies are generally personal. Unlike other types of photos, their content normally says a lot about the company and its employees. Selfies are the most effective types of photos for connecting to consumers. They are far better than posed photographs.

2) Become Human

Most customers if not all admit that they find it to be much easier to connect with a person than an abstract concept such as an organization. When they see staff selfies, it reminds them that there’re real human beings behind the brand. This can help establish a strong emotional connection for anybody wishing to do business with the organization. Consumers highly regard transparency, and these types of photos can perfectly achieve this.

3) Share a Laugh

Clever marketers use humor to promote their products because they know that everybody enjoys amusement. This is why funny pictures have a greater chance of going viral. Ask your staff and customers to camp it up a bit for the cameras. You can also encourage your customers to submit selfies by holding a contest and giving rewards for the top rated selfies. Post these photos to social media and wait to see how they go viral.

4) Give Social Proof

There is nothing as good as when people post selfies with your products. This gives other consumers more confidence in what you are selling, leading to more sales! Most clever marketers use these types of photos in their marketing campaigns as social proof of their products’ consumer approval.

The power of the selfie phenomenon in the marketing realm need not be underestimated. Selfies of your employees enjoying a social occasion at the office can draw a huge number of consumers because they will find it easier to connect with you people than the organization itself. The hidden power of selfies can elevate your brand to a level you can never imagine. Instead of wasting time focusing on ineffective marketing strategies, why not give selfie marketing a try? We are confident that you will never look back again when you do this.