Issa Asad How to Use Reddit for Content Marketing Inspiration

Issa Asad Reddit Inspiration

Established companies and brands always seem to come up with the most relevant and engaging content on popular internet platforms, seemingly without much effort, but how do they do it? According to Issa Asad Florida businessman, entrepreneur for over 18 years, and social media expert, “effective site or blog content has to be specific, relevant to the target audience and most importantly, it should be engaging so that readers or site visitors can share it among their own platforms and social networks.”

Mr. Asad goes on to explain that “industry leaders are aware of this and that’s why they have experts scouting the internet to find the most recent intrigue, and use it as the basis for a marketing angle.” Mr. Asad is the CEO of three companies located across South Florida, including Quadrant Holdings, Q Link Wireless, and Bond Media. He is also the author of four social media marketing and e-commerce marketing e-books.

When you go scouting online to find the next topic for your content, keep in mind Reddit contains one of the largest fields for data mining. The only drawback with using Reddit as a content-creator guide is the fact that the website packs such a large and varied amount of information and people that it can get a little overwhelming.

The good news is there are tools online to help mine content when you don’t have something in particular to publish. Here’s how to use Reddit for content marketing inspiration.

1. BaconReader for Reddit

This app lets you search words on Reddit by targeting specific keywords, groups or domains, and scanning popular sub-Reddits to find out what everyone is talking about. When applied appropriately, BaconReader can point out content that may be of interest to your brand’s niche, and if you apply a tab called “What’s Hot”, you can pick out topics that are currently trending and use them to generate engaging information.

This method almost always works, provided the content you generate blends in with the image associated with your brand. BaconReader is fairly easy to use and it comes with a tutorial, which you can refer to for step-by-step instructions.

2. Reddit News

This app makes it fun to search for news when using a touch-screen device. Just drag and drop interesting topics to tag specific content, enable synchronized loading of images and comments, and view all your images in high resolution thanks to the latest high-resolution graphic display. If a significant amount of your time is spent sourcing content on Reddit, this app will be very useful.

3. View Reddit in Picture-Format 

If the entire Reddit platform is new to you or this is the first time you’re trying to filter through this mega-site, this would be a cool way to check out fun images that inspire you. With this app you can see all the latest images and GIFs simply by swiping the pages on your device and it’s mostly suitable for people who create visual ads or a variation of material for marketing purposes. Reddit in pictures is a fun new way to view engaging pictures on the website and it can be of great source of inspired material for ads.

These are cool new ways to get more content on your site or blog and if you rely on your mobile device for research hacks and official business, you can use your phone or tablet to check out these apps and see how they change the way you engage with your audience.