Issa Asad 5 Tips to Boost Instagram Marketing in 2016

Issa Asad 2016 Instagram

Instagram has been featured to be among the world’s top platform for sharing photos and videos. Issa Asad Florida businessman, social media expert, and entrepreneur believes Instagram “has found its way to the business field as one of the most potent marketing strategies.” Mr. Asad is also the CEO of three companies in South Florida: Bond Media, Q Link Wireless, and Quadrant Holdings.

Yes, Instagram really works. Have you ever given a thought of using it in heightening your marketing networks? If yes, how effective is it? Maybe you have not realized these basic tips on how to enhance its efficiency. Here are Issa Asad 5 tips to boost Instagram marketing in 2016.

1. Use Place Tags

Have you ever given a thought of how to display all the features and sights of your business on a single portfolio? This is now possible with the place tag tool. When a location is added to a photo, a single click will lead to access of all photos that were taken from the same location. Amazingly, Instagram can display suggestions of top posts captured from the same locale. These tags can work perfectly for restaurants, clubs, and advertising agencies among others.

2. Upload Different Merged Pics

Combining different pictures into a single frame can easily capture the attention of an individual scrolling fast through a collection of images. Instagram is now endowed to support more photo and video dimensions that can either be viewed in landscape or portrait mode. Different apps can be used to edit multiple pics that in turn, can be easily uploaded to Instagram. Also, viewers can be able to view the full image display of a specific pic.

3. Download Boomerang

Entice your users with up-to-date, fun effects available for Instagram. We are talking of Boomerang, which is the Instagram’s new thing that comes with amazing graphics that will make the onlookers to crave for more. With this, marketers will have succeeded in capturing their customers’ attention and have them in their portals. The app’s operation module is set on a single button that when it’s tapped, it flips photos and videos and sticks them together the same way as a Flipbook. It further moves them to and fro, in a circular pattern providing maximum fun. There is also an option that allows sharing of files with friends.

4. Be Creative with Videos

Creativity is key to make it in the Instagram marketing competition. The same treat should be extended to the videos. A onetime single recorded clip has turned out to be too common becoming monotonous and boring to most viewers. Why not do it differently by separate interval recordings of the same video? At the end of it, Instagram will join the clips to a single play, though with a twisted flow. It is all about playing with the viewers’ minds to lure them into your business profile.

5. Use Posts Notifications

With this mode, an immediate post by your followers or the ones you are following will initiate immediate notification on your profile. This will be the best opportunity to post on their profiles, which most probably they will click to have a look at the businesses’ profile. To activate the mode, tap on a friend’s profile, select the menu option, and then click on the “turn on post notifications” option.