Issa Asad 4 Types of Instagram Pics to Drive Engagement

Issa Asad Instagram Pics Drive Engagement

Instagram is a revolutionary photo based app that enables a company to communicate to its customers visually. It can be easy to get followers by selecting Instagram pictures that will be appealing to consumers. Engaging your customers through Instagram can be high because phones are readily accessible.

“It takes only a little attention for your customers to process the information on the photos, but the major dilemma is deciding which posts will be attractive to your followers,” said Issa Asad Florida tech entrepreneur, businessman, and author of 4 social media marketing and e-commerce marketing e-books. Mr. Asad is also known as the CEO of Q Link Wireless, Bond Media, and Quadrant Holdings, all located in South Florida.

The following are 4 types of Instagram pics to drive engagement.

1. Put Your Questions on the Photo

You can seek for feedback by asking your Instagram followers about your photo. This can be through putting questions in captions of your Instagram images. However, you could be gambling because you are not sure whether your followers will pause to read the caption or they will just move on to the next post. To make your followers stick and read the captions, you can include a song quiz hit in the post so that your followers can see the images as well as the marketing.

2. Offer Alternative Posts

You can offer two options (A vs B method) in a post and let your followers pick their favorite. This does not only increase posting diversity to your Instagram posts but also it gives a significant feedback for your firm. It is also a cost effective and time saving way of soliciting for feedback than focus groups and online surveys.

For instance, you could be interested in knowing where your followers reside. You can find out where a follower stays by asking him/her his preferred sport teams.

3. Give Hints

As you continue posting questions to your Instagram followers, you should remember to use this avenue to respond to the questions your followers might be having. For example, Rits fabric dye took advantage of showing its followers how to easily make Marsala when Pantone launched its color of the year. This was because Rits was aware that its followers would be yearning to make Marsala.

Private enterprises in home decorations, wellness and landscape sector can use the Rits method to create more awareness to their customers. The local authorities can also use such Instagram posts to inform followers about an upcoming harsh climatic conditions, fire safety or optional traffic routes.

4. Show the Instagram Pics at Live Events

Your business can take advantage of posting a photo of its employees at their stand in a live event. This will depict a human face of the firm. However, such photos may do less in driving traffic not forgetting they could be a bit expensive.

At major conferences you should post a variety of photos to Instagram. Better still, if you were presented with an award, sharing that photo on Instagram might make people to search for you earnestly after the conference.

At enormous events like popular shows and exhibitions, you can give your Instagram followers a shot of where your stand will be located. Your post should include a sample of what your followers will see upon visiting you.

In conclusion, the above presents 4 Types of Instagram Pics to Drive Engagement.