Implement These 5 Social Media Crazes Immediately

Issa Asad Social Media Trends

Although social media advancement is improving slowly, it is keeping up with the current developments that will ensure you are busy. Nowadays, modern consumers have appeared to be blind to billboards and no longer consider listening to commercials. The Millennials have adopted social media because they can research the products they need and encounter many brands before choosing the best one.

“Social media has been proven to be a vital platform that keeps you updated on the latest trends in the markets,” advised Issa Asad, a Florida-based entrepreneur, businessman, and CEO of three companies: Bond Media, Q Link Wireless, and Quadrant Holdings.

You should implement these 5 social media crazes immediately.

1. Mobile Phone Accessibility

Currently, mobile phones have been proven to account for more than 30 percent of all the web traffic. The presence of mobile phones has ensured that there are 1.65 billion social network accounts that are accessed by the use of mobile phones today. Moreover, the number is anticipated to rise every year as consumers enjoy the micro-moments by making use of their smartphones. Social networks have also been mobile-optimized hence has created a wonderful platform for marketers to reach their customers quickly and easily. The best marketing strategy that is indispensable to companies is the targeting of mobile phone users.

2. Video Dominance

Videos are the best marketing tools that have become vital to the advancement of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat. Many of these are visual-centric social media platforms. Approximately three hundred videos are always uploaded to YouTube in a span of a single minute, and the videos have been estimated to account for about 80 percent of the Internet traffic caused by consumers by the year 2019. With the trend, then in the next five years you will watch an article instead of reading it. This means you should start thinking on how to capitalize on the videos by including them in your marketing strategy.

3. Advanced Analytics

The analytics of social media have been made smarter, hence enables marketers to get a better knowledge of their audience and their performance. The insights are essential tools for marketers because they will be able to align their social media strategies with their target customers accurately. Besides, this will enable them to optimize their marketing activities to achieve better results. The trends will lead to the creation of a direct sales link on social media that will ensure proving ROI on social media marketing will be easier and faster.

4. A Rise in Social Commerce

Nowadays, deciding what to purchase has been made easier by the availability of consumer reviews. Besides, social media contains all the information that you are required to know before deciding to buy a product. Moreover, the introduction of “Buy” buttons on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram has enabled users to make purchases via e-commerce from their social accounts.

5. More Social Content Marketing

Currently, product promotion and content creation have been considered to be the vital elements that marketers should adopt. Social media has been proven to be the most effective tactic of making content reachable and amplified. This has made social media networks to be the core elements one should inculcate in the process of content marketing. Attractive content that is shared on social media will spread faster hence can become viral which is beneficial to the marketer.