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Marketing is an essential part of any business. Social media is also playing an important role in marketing. Instagram, which is a photo-sharing application is growing faster than other social media platforms. Instagram has really helped marketers, especially when it comes to marketing brands. If you do not have an Instagram profile for your brand you are missing out on a lot.

“Instagram helps to create awareness of the brand and the brand’s reputation,” said Issa Asad Florida businessman, entrepreneur, social media expert, and CEO of three companies located across South Florida (Bond Media, Quadrant Holdings, and Q Link Wireless). Through the creation of awareness Instgram in turn leads to increase in sales. Below are 3 new Instagram marketing strategies your brand can implement ASAP.

1. Making Your Business Look Fun

Instagram users are mainly young people; so in order to get their attention and making them like your content, you should try posting fun activities that are usually carried out by the business. For a brand to achieve this there should be events showcasing the business’ activities with creative pictures.

2. Showing Appreciation for Instagram Followers

A brand that uses Instagram as a marketing strategy should show love and appreciation to their Instagram followers by offering exclusive Instagram offers to followers. This will lead to increase of feedback through reposts made by the followers leading to more feedback.

A brand can hold contests on their Instagram page according to different themes and allow followers to vote on what they think is best. This helps marketers what is preferred among their followers. Hashtags are used while there is a contest or campaign in the brand’s Instagram page.

3. Measurement of What Works

Do not let offers and contests go to waste. The brand should be analytic on which strategy is liked and generates the most comments. There are tools such as Statigram that will help you know whether the strategy being used is worth it. Apart from being analytic, the Instagram platform should take advantage of different season and what is trending at the moment. In order for a brand to know that they are successfully posting on Instagram, they should try and monitor times when most of their followers are online. This will help them get a bigger audience while they post. This means smarter posting.

You should also know what kind of posts gets the most attention from your followers. This can be determined by the number of comments, likes, and the number of times the post has been reposted. Whether the Instagram brand profile is growing, this is mainly shown by the increase in the number of followers within a given period of time.

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  1. Simon Ostrovsky

    Thanks a lot for this article Issa. and statigram are the same? Anyway, i use iconosquare about 3 months. It’s really the best choice for analytics. Btw, a lot of people at every turn
    talking about (it brings active audince) and it seems, it’ll be the major breakthrough this year.

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