7 Steps to getting your Brand’s Instagram Channel off the ground [Instagram Infographic]

Issa Asad

Instagram Infographic by Issa Asad

Instagram Infographic

So you’ve got your foot in the door on social media marketing with your brand’s Facebook or Twitter accounts, but you are still feeling like something is missing. Social media marketing is all about speed and visibility.

Today’s consumer’s work on a lightning fast attention span that sometimes even Facebook can not keep up with. This is why Instagram is skyrocketing in popularity. What many have in the past thought of as only a photo sharing site, has now become a great social media marketing tool that can create real bottom line results for your brand. Social media marketing works off of the objective of getting your brand firmly in ground into the head of your targeted consumer base. Exposing marketing images to this consumer base on a daily or even more than a daily basis is one of the best ways to keep your brand, your product, your service, and your name in their head and at the top of the list of choices. Instagram can do that instantly.

Why Instagram?

Because Instagram focuses primarily on images, you have a greater chance of all of your followers seeing all of your posts all of the time. Only about 3% of your Facebook followers will see each post, as opposed to almost 100% of your Instagram followers seeing every post. In fact 67% of the world’s biggest brands are now using Instagram as a vital part of their social media marketing campaigns. Instagram images are easily created, immediately distributed and almost always seen by every one of your followers every day. This translates into low marketing budgets with huge fan awareness, lead generation, and ultimately bottom line profit.

How to Get Your Instagram Channel off the Ground

The following Instagram infographic will give you more information on how to:

  1. Set up and optimize your profile
  2. Spread the word
  3. Start sharing photos
  4. Learn about hashtags
  5. How to take advantage of networking
  6. How videos play a part
  7. Run contests and giveaways to reward followers

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