Your company or campaign might be doing well, until you discover how to plan an Instagram marketing campaign successfully. You might find it incredible that Instagram could be a contender or even mentioned in the same breath as Facebook and Twitter as far as credibility are concerned. After all, it is relatively new, only four years later and already causing a hype. And here you thought Instagram was for publishing “selfies”!

Various studies yield the same conclusion, Instagram has an astounding amount of fan engagement, and this is an aspect, which many social media moguls attempt to bring across. Over 70 million videos and images are shared on a daily basis on Instagram!

Visual expression is something you might not have thought of utilizing to its full potential to promote or sell your services or product. Then again, that is probably why all posts you publish are accompanied by images. The power of imaging should never be underestimated, therefore Instagram is perfect for business promotion. How do you start your business’ Instagram account?

“Try looking at other Instagram marketing accounts for some inspiration,” said Florida-based social media expert, Issa Asad. Some of you have heard about Asad, the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, and if you haven’t, do yourself a favor and follow his Instagram marketing as well as his other social media accounts. Here are some other Instagram marketing accounts you should follow.


Regardless of your industry, Forbes is a resource with significant insight and entrepreneurial advice to business owners. Yes! “The” Forbes, the successful organization, which you probably never imagined to share their insights on an Instagram platform. One of the world’s most successful companies with most only dreaming to reach a tenth of their formidability.

Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine is a business media company with information, trends, images, business practices and tax tips to inspire professional business owners, entrepreneurs and start-up companies alike.

Marketing Inspiration

Marketing Inspiration delivers exciting and useful content in concise feed with content on topics such as digital statistic, inspiring quotes, creative marketing campaigns, innovative design and more. See marketing problems in a different light, learn to step, and think out of the box.


Making products accessible to others is the aim of Product.Design and even though the name might lead you to the conclusion that this might not be relevant to your industry, think again. Amongst the top Instagram marketing accounts to follow, this company will give you insight into top product design innovations.


Audi might sound to you like an automobile promotion, yet you will be amazed at the amazing job they do with their photos and extremely insightful and clever captions. This company is the perfect example, which Issa Asad refers to in regards to signs of successful marketing campaigns.


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